Stacked Selector Pin - Breakdown

Here is a great complimentary product to the Stacked Weight Pin - the Stacked Selector Pin. This is a great complimentary product to any stacked machine. They have much of the same features of the Stacked Weight Pin, especially within the front face design.  


Selectorized equipment isn’t cheap to begin with. Many times, they are bought via the second hand marketplace on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. With that comes crummy selector pins, or sometimes, no selector pin at all. A great way to help spice up these selector pins is through the use of our selector pins.

Fix What’s Broken 

If you have a commercial selectorized cable machine, it’s often that the

selector pin selector pin is one of may options that isn’t the original. It can range from an Allen wrench, to a replacement selector pin, or just be a completely rusted out and beat up pin. We also seen screwdrivers serve as makeshift selector pins.

The Stacked Selector Pin can bring back some class and real function to your cable machines. These pins can be ordered to match the right size of your own cable machines and replace the old and dirty selector pin.  

Find the Size You Need 

The Stacked Selector Pin comes in two diameters: 10mm and 8mm, of which come in a variety of lengths. An easy way to determine your rod length is by measuring the width of the selectorized plates.  

These selector pins can be an excellent upgrade to a garage gym, or any gym for that matter. These selector pins give the gym more of a flare and personality. Most of the time (or all of the time), the selector pins are dull and boring. The Stacked Selector Pins give additional life to the specific cable machines you are utilizing. 

Customize Your Way 

With the ability to Cerakote or Hard Chrome the selector pins, you have options and protection you never dreamed of prior. Multiple color options are available to make them truly unique to your gym theme. 

Additionally, there are custom front decals available for upgrade. This may be the best option for many people, even if you don’t decide to Cerakote or Hard Chrome your pin. Many home gym owners have their own theme and gym design. After all, why wouldn’t you? It’s an opportunity to put your touch on something that is motivating and inspiring you to continue your health quest. The custom front decal is a subtle approach that is sure to make a large impact on being noticed in the gym. 

selector pin

The Final Rep 

Selector pins won’t be on everyone’s wish list as it can be something that is easily overlooked. But, if you are looking for a replacement, or just want to add some additional character and personality to your gym, or need an upgrade, these selector pins are a solid choice.


selector pin

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