Heavy Chains for Your Workouts

Chains  can provide a great impact your training and the benefits of them offer progressive resistance. They can be effective from draping them over your body when performing bodyweight exercises, use with squats/bench/deadlift, or even on cable selectorized machines with the Stacked Weight Pin 


The point is chains can be valuable – and beneficial. The question then becomes, what type of chains do you buy? There’s lots of options in terms of where to buy them from, but not every place is created equal. Our 5/8” heavy chains are different in several ways that separate them from the rest of the pack.

Made in the USA 

Products made in America can offer a higher quality in material as well as it supports local jobs and manufacturing. You can have confidence in the product as being completed the right way. We work hard to provide as many products made in the America as we can.

The quality, especially in the heavy chains is something to take note of. Our zinc coated heavy chains are a high quality coating and do not chip or flake off. In addition to our chains, each set of chains comes with a high quality carabiner with a high loading capacity.  

Multiple Lengths 

For far too long chains only came in one standard size from most equipment outlets – 5 feet. Some places carried 6 feet, but it would be rare to have them in stock, or they were a cheaper import. If you wanted anything longer, or maybe wanted one length of chain instead of a pair, again, you were hard pressed to find many places.  


A great advantage here is the ability to get three different sizes – 5 (30 links), 6 (36 links), or 7 (42 links) feet of American chain in either singles or pairs. The chain is cut on demand, so you can be assured you’re getting what you want. When you can give people options, they will most definitely respond. 

We also offer heavy chain leader straps or chain straps to go with those chains, which are also made here in America.

Use with Stacked Weight Pin 

Chains are not only great for use with barbells on your main lifts, they are great in conjunction with the Stacked Weight Pin. Adding progressive resistance hasn’t been easier until now. An excellent variation with cable machines is using heavy chains. You will be greeted with a feeling not quite experienced with the traditional strength curve in many of the commercial pieces.  


Final Breakdown 

You have to be training in a specific program to reap the benefits of using heavy chains. They can be used in a plethora of ways to help you break plateaus in specific exercises and allow you to push your training at the top of rep to squeeze out the last bit of effort. If you are thinking about buying heavy chains, it may be worth checking out. 



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