About Us

About Bare Steel Equipment

Bare Steel Equipment started with an idea. An idea to push the envelope. We wanted to push our training within our own space, but with the right equipment. Tired of the DIY projects and workarounds to push our training to new levels, Bare Steel Equipment was created with the essentials in mind.

Our Vision

Lift More. Be More.

We all strive to be better in life. We all want more as well. At Bare Steel Equipment, we use our products to not only lift more, but in the process be more. We want to be better people and set the right example for those around us.

Every day we work. We are unique, custom and bare. We believe in hard work – real hard work. We believe in consistency and craftsmanship and being honest and forthright. In everything we train with, work on, and design is based on challenges. That’s what makes training exceptional. The challenge is what makes it great – it’s what develops us into the men and women who can face the winds of change with upright shoulders and a firm stance.

What We Do

We provide equipment that helps you get the most out of every training session.

We build weight equipment that shows off your personality. Our name came from the patent pending Stacked Weight Pin. Bare Steel is vintage and authentic. It offers a sense of raw, old school gym appeal. Whether it’s barbells, attachments, or custom equipment, we will provide you what you need and unique to your training style.

If you want a personalized appeal, we offer custom Cerakote and hard chrome finishes to match any theme you want.

We are proud to offer you many made in the USA products that support American families and other small businesses.