Knurled PowerBlock Handles For Your Perfect Upgrade

While our knurled handles have been out for some time now, we still wanted to showcase the importance and why it’s something you really need for your PowerBlock Dumbbells. PowerBlock Dumbbells are arguably one of the best picks for dumbbells when it comes to outfitting your home gym. The major downfall of them is the handle. While they have a vast array of people who utilize their product, they aren’t necessarily targeting the hard-core weightlifter. 

So, for those of us who love the PowerBlocks and can train heavy with them, the softer, non-grip handles come up short – every time. As the weight got heavier, which they can with certain models (the Commercial set has a 125/175lb option), the grip became so difficult to grip to where training with them became a struggle. 

Enter our aggressively knurled handle and a whole lot of knurly goodness. 

The One Thing That Was Missing 

The small footprint of PowerBlocks is what makes them so enticing. The simplicity of changing the weight and ease of use was excellent. As training progressed and the weight increased, it was evident something was missing. The handles didn’t have that traditional knurl that is a part of so many dumbbells. 

Instead, the grip became slippery when sweating and difficult to obtain a solid grip when lifting heavy with them. Wraps were not useful as you couldn’t get a truly tight wrap on it. With this issue, solutions were quite limited. 

Redefined Purpose 

With our aggressively knurled handles, the PowerBlocks became an instant gamechanger. What’s more is the knurling that is used in them is a form of aggressive knurl that is also used on several other of our products. The spacing is a little farther apart than on some other knurling, for example on the barbells, but the reason I like it is I feel it’s aggressive enough, but at the same time won’t cut up your hand.  

These handles and the aggressive knurling have given new life to so many tired and run-down handles of the PowerBlock Dumbbells. For some people, they even considered throwing out or selling their set because the handles made it too difficult to truly train hard with. These handles have given the PowerBlock Dumbbell a new lease – and they are even more aggressive than the stock “knurled” handles that come with the Pro Series.  

You can tell right away there is instant grip and the handles will provide excellent support for your training. 

Options for Color 

Like many things at Bare Steel Equipment, options and color combinations are an important aspect. We've since upgraded our material to stainless steel, but still have certain bare steel options available. If you don’t want the Bare Steel look, you can opt for a variety of Cerakote colors, which dilute the knurling a small amount, but not enough to impact the overall performance. You can’t go wrong with selecting any Cerakote color because you’ll gain two benefits from them: 1) You get instant corrosion and rust protection; 2) It makes your set of PowerBlocks truly unique and stunning with eye-popping color coming from the most important piece on the set. 


If you are looking into PowerBlocks, or you have a set already, investing in a set of knurled handles is a surefire way to keep your set of adjustable dumbbells in a high performance state, while maximizing the performance and appearance. Grab a set of of PowerBlock Knurled Handles and change the way you train!

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