Iron Skull Power Bar - Breakdown

One of our favorite barbells is the Iron Skull Power Bar. This bar is an aggressor in the hands and one for PRs. This bar is our current top power bar, with many of the excellent features you look for on many bars.


Most importantly, this bar is made right here in the USA. Our goal is to keep as many items made here in the USA as possible. This leads to direct impact on our communities and the people we support. Besides the internal motivation, you can tell the quality of the build of the Iron Skull Power Bar. From the knurling to the overall performance, it’s a top-notch bar to use for a variety of lifts.

Whether it’s presses, pulls, squats, or anything else, the Iron Skull Power Bar can be the daily driver you’re looking for.  


The bar is 28.5mm in diameter, but the knurled sections of the bar come out to 29mm, giving it that standard 29mm feel in a power bar. Speaking of knurling, the Iron Skull Power Bar will be some of the most aggressive (but not tearing) knurling you’ll ever have in your hands. It contains some serious grip and you’ll find it ideal for some of your core lifts such as bench press and squats. 

iron skull

Heavy Duty 

At a 2,000lb rating with a 200,000 PSI, this bar is much stiffer than standard barbells, giving you more control when the weight gets heavy. Because of that, you won’t see as much whip you might see in other bars. When you bench bench press, the Iron Skull is your exclusive go-to bar.


Full Specs and Features 

  • IPF aligned powerlifting bar 
  • Multiple Bar Coating Options: 
  • Black Cerakote  
  • Aggressive diamond knurling 
  • Center knurl 
  • 28.5mm diameter bar 
  • 200,000 PSI 
  • 2,000lb rated bar 
  • Stiffer bar 
  • Oil impregnated bronze bushings 
  • Made in the USA 



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