Ditch Those Tractor Pins and Upgrade!

Hitch pins are heavily utilized in the home gym market due to their versatility and functionality. They can be of high value for a multitude of exercises, most notably when performing lever arm belt squats or lever arm chest presses. Many times, attachments come with standard tractor pins.

While that may be fine for most, upon closer inspection there can be issues of functionality. For one, the large handle is obtrusive and usually comes in a red color. This is fine if it’s a part of your color scheme. If not, good luck finding much else. Then you have the clevis pin on the other side that can be quite difficult to secure and only adds to the time it takes to complete the set up process. 

Hitch pins from a supply store aren’t exactly designed for your power rack in mind.  

Since they are very primitive in nature it’s time to upgrade.  

Enter the Power Pin 

Our Power Pin is a magnetic attachment pin designed for your power rack. These are eye-catching centerpieces for your rack that have strong magnet power behind them. Not only will they give your power rack an upgrade with the power of magnets, they are incredibly easy to adjust and move from one place to another. 

Power Pin Essentials 

The Power Pin has some awesome features that can be advantageous when you’re training. The magnets are incredibly powerful, packed with a 15lb (on 1" pins)  pull and the six-shooter design. The snap these pins pull are no joke. You can apply these Power Pins in place of all your hitch pin work and to use for securing any attachment needed.

They are also offered in Cerakote colors and hard chrome just like the Stacked Weight Pin series. You will find them to be much easier to use, plus you can store them in your power rack. 

Multiple Uses 

These pins can be used in a multitude of ways and offer an ease for storage, style, or upgrading your important equipment. 

  • Lever arm securement 
  • Mono lift securement 
  • Use in lever arms and chains 
  • Attachment storage 
  • Bench storage/incline levering 

As mentioned earlier, they can be used for belt squat and lever arm use; particularly in using a chain for securing the lever arms when pressing or holding the lever arms before belt squatting. Others may use them to hold their mono lifts or other attachments. Any way that you use them, you can be sure that they will add value to your training. 

They are currently sold in 1" (15lb pull) or 5/8" (30lb pull) and have a complimentary power peg (band peg) as well. 


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