Explore the Possibilities of the Stacked Weight Pin

The Stacked Weight Pin is the product that began our journey here at Bare Steel Equipment. It was designed out of an issue of finding a secure and efficient way in which to add weight to a maxed out weight stack on many different cable machines.  

Since its development and refinement, we’ve discovered so many other wonderful uses for it and wish to share those with you. Whether it’s the Stacked Weight Pin or Short Stack Weight Pin, these two products can provide you with a world of possibilities within your cable machines. 

Max the Stacks 

This is our obvious number one reason. Some equipment just has a light ration. For example, a functional trainer with a 2:1, or worse, 4:1 ratio means you’re getting one half, or one fourth respectively, of what’s labeled on the machine. This can lead to a fast track of maxing out certain machines with these lighter ratios and causing frustration amongst the user.  


When you add the Stacked Weight Pin, you can utilize the 6” (or 3” on the Short Stack) of usable space to load up and keep your training on track. If you’re struggling with the ratios on your functional trainer, it would be wise to invest in a pair of the Stacked Weight Pins. 

Micro Load Your Way to Gains 

The second biggest benefit is the ability to micro load utilizing the 5lb or 2.5lb base weight of the Stacked Weight Pin or Short Stack Weight Pin. While many selector pin machines come in 10lbincrements, there are a growing number of machines that are being released in 15lb or 20lb increments. With that, it can be very difficult to make appropriate progress.  

As such, the Stacked Weight Pin can provide you with micro loading increments as small as 2.5lbs with the Short Stack (or even 1.25lbs with the Micro Stack) to circumvent the default progressions. 

In addition, the Stacked Weight Pin makes a great midpoint addition to those plate stacks that are in 10lb increments. A 5lb increment is much more achievable in many circumstances than bumping an entire 10lbs.  

Utilize Other Products 

One of the built-in designs of the Stacked Weight Pin is it’s ability to be used with other products. For example, one of our favorite add-ons to the Stacked Weight Pin is the use of our Heavy Chains with the Stacked Chain Strap. By providing accommodating resistance to a machine brings you a world of other possibilities in training.  

You could also utilize it as a band peg on a power rack or use with bands on a machine. The options are essentially limitless!  

Whether you have a home gym or head to a commercial gym, the Stacked Weight Pin will become one of the go-to pieces in your training arsenal. 


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