A Micro Pin for Major Gains

The Micro Stack Weight Pin can be one of the lightest and one of the heaviest pieces of equipment for your gym. In a world where incremental gain is everything, the Micro Stack Weight Pin is a great tool for that consistent progress.

The heavier the weight gets, so too does the incremental weight. Whether it’s on a selectorized machine, using a barbell, or dumbbell, making the right increments can be the difference maker in getting past a plateau and being stuck. The smallest weight increments can make the largest impacts, and with the Micro Stack Weight Pin, it does just that.

Let’s break down some of the areas that the Micro Stack Weight Pin can make the biggest difference in your training. This way, if you are thinking about grabbing a pair, you can identify your needs.

Selectorized Training

The Micro Stack Weight Pin has a huge advantage in uses with functional trainers for a variety of exercises. Shoulder work, bicep/tricep exercises, and more can utilize the small incremental weight of the Micro Stack. When working with lighter weight and certain muscle groups, the lift itself can be difficult, even with lighter weight. By adding a Micro Stack, it allows you to make consistent increases in weight without the need to increase the next weight plate by 10lbs.

We’ve all been there – the selected weight feels great and we can perform the lift flawlessly. But when it comes time to add weight, the next plate feels like the increase of 100lbs. Adding only one or two Micro Stack Weight Pins allows you to keep your weight increases consistent and performable.

The convenience of the Micro Stacks is its ability to fit into many different spots to be used in the machine. You can place them on top of the stack, which keeps the weight stack stable and smooth when in use. The most beneficial use is the 1.25lb additional weight. It might not seem like much, but it certainly gives a big boost to working through a stubborn plateau. Then, you can add more Micro Stacks as you feel comfortable with.

Dumbbell Training

Dumbbells are important in any home gym. Many people opt for adjustable options to save on space. With adjustable dumbbells, such as those like PowerBlock, you’re not going to get the same incremental changes like you would with standard dumbbells. But you get the space saving benefit. So, to reap the maximum benefits of these adjustable dumbbells, the Micro Stack Weight Pins make up for the difference in weight.

Some adjustable dumbbells have variations in adjustments. Some go every 10lbs, while others may have a 15lb jump or more. Anyone who has trained with this style of dumbbell knows this can be a difficult increase in weight to make consistent progress.

At 1.25lbs or 2.5lbs, the small increases in weight make the dumbbell training more effective and easier to increase in weight, without worrying about jumping too fast between plates on adjustable dumbbells.

The Micro Stack Weight Pins will work on just about any metal surface, and many different dumbbells with a lightly coated polyurethane surface. Heavier coated or rubber surfaces may not be as effective, but if you can find any metal opening, these Micro Pins are a sure-fire way to effectively increase the weight safely and accordingly to your abilities.

With options in Bare Steel and Cerakote, the Micro Stack Weight Pins are a must-have in your training arsenal, especially if you are conscientious about making the right kind of gains.


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