Hammer Away 🔨 at Your Arms with This Attachment

There’s nothing worse than when the lifting gets heavy, the grip gets slippery. A weak knurling (or worse, no knurling) on any type of critical cable attachment can make it seem like those gains are at a never-ending reach. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard to keep a grip than working the lift. When we began looking at finding a solid knurl, it really started with the PowerBlock Handles. The PowerBlock Handles are a very popular item, and the knurling is sharp and aggressive. It’s something that gives you a strong bite while keeping your hands in tough enough shape from tearing a callous.  

The Beginning 

We discussed the idea with a follower and supporter of ours, Henry (IG: @quiles33). He expressed the desire to find an aggressively knurled handle that he could use independently. We discussed the specs and what was best and with his input, we built quite a unique handle, and he was tasked with naming it, which was settled on the Hammer Handle.

Hammer Handle Breakdown 

The most important feature of this attachment is the aggressive knurling. Taking the same knurling from the PowerBlock Handles into this product gives a strong grip and one of confidence. The rubber knob on the end provides a solid base upon which to perform a variety of exercises. At 5” in length and a diameter of 1.25”, this handle can so much more beyond becoming another utility attachment. From biceps and triceps to shoulders, chest and back, the Hammer Handle has become an aggressive choice in a multitude of exercises. 

hammer handle

Let’s Get Knurly 

The Hammer Handles have a ton of versatility and are coupled with some of the most aggressive knurling available today. The benefit is that this knurling will not tear your hands apart, but rather give you the exact tough grip you’re looking for when things get heavy. With the stainless steel option, this is an attachment that is hard to beat. Made in the USA with and American Made eyebolt, plated in bright nickel, this is a head turning item that will stand over time.


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