A Closer Look at the Triceps V-Bar Pushdown Attachment

When we looked at the variety of attachments available to train your triceps, nothing is more time tested and recognizable than the V-Bar attachment. We are a fan of that attachment as well, and recognize it’s encountered a variety of minor changes of the years. Before bringing our own version of the classic attachment out, we wanted to add our own unique spin on it.


The standard diameter of the V-Bar attachment is a basic 25mm. While that’s ok and fits many people, we didn’t feel that was too exciting. We decided to increase that to a full 30mm diameter, which not only beefed up the attachment as a whole, but made it slightly wider with a thicker base at each handle. This allows for a better grip and confidence when training.


With a thicker handle also comes a more grippy/aggressive knurling. For far too long, the standard on a V-Bar has been a passive knurling that is not exciting nor effective. The knurling on our V-Bar will keep you locked in.

At a competitive price point of $59.95, this is the perfect attachment to give your arm training a boost.


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